Identification of novel enzyme derivied from Acipenser placenta

In December 2019, Caviar Biotec commissioned St Andrews University to conduct Mass Spectrometry analysis of the three key products, Caviar oil, Soluble Caviar Extract and Insoluble Caviar Extract. The research, using Mascot data, demonstrated that a protein extracted from the Sturgeon (Acipenser sp.) fish had a significant nucleotide sequence similarity to a specific unique Inhibitors nucleotide sequence, leading Caviar Biotec, under the advice of St Andrews University, to conduct further research into the novel enzyme.

In March 2020, mass spectrometry work was commissioned with Atlatl in Shanghai to identify and characterise the novel proteins extracted from the oil of the Acipenser placenta. The protein was identified and isolated and analysis showed a clear pattern of identity with the St Andrews mass spectrometry data sets. The protein was then purified and positively tested for binding and elution. In June 2020 and October 2020 Atlatl conducted further de novo sequencing, and completed the research in November 2020. 

In December 2020 Caviar Biotec commissioned Oxford University to under take key analysis of the MS LC generated datasets by Atlatl in both Maxquant and Mascot, as well as other leading databases.

In January 2021 Oxford University provided concise datasets of key bioactive enzymes that are present in the extract and oil produced by Caviar Biotec, which in turn create a significant footprint for the ongoing R&D program of Caviar Biotec and its quest to develop novel biologics for Human health benefits.