Over the last five years Caviar Biotec has conducting extensive ongoing research into the Acipenseriformes, and specifically analysis of oocyte (roe) and gonad (placenta) proteins.

Black Sturgeon Caviar is well known scientifically to have health benefits, however much of the research has concerned Omega 3 and the EPA and DHA fatty acids. Working with several key world renowned academic institutions, Caviar Biotec initially carried out extensive Mass Spectrometry analysis with St Andrews University. This research revealed a unique plethora of novel enzymes with significant potential bio-actives, that prior to December 2019 had previously remained undiscovered within certain Acipenseriformes. 

These ground breaking discoveries were the founding platform for Caviar Biotec’s 2020 R&D program, and a quest to further understand inclusion if these bio-actives within functional food and nutraceuticals, bio-active cosmeceuticals, activated pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), protein synthesis and recombinant expression systems, of key Acipenseriformes nucleotide sequences, enzymes and bio-active peptides. 


Inflamm-aging (also known as inflammaging or inflamm-ageing) is a chronic low-grade inflammation that develops with advanced age. It is believed to accelerate the process of biological aging and to worsen many age-related diseases. There are several known precursors to inflammaging, where increased  levels of key biomarkers found within human blood are detected, as age increases, and normally these specific elevated biomarkers are detected when a diagnosis and prognosis of age related disease is first known.

Examples of aging-associated diseases (inflammaging ) are atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, cataracts, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease. All of these age related diseases have increased biomarkers within in the blood.

It is these very biomarkers that Caviar Biotec has been researching, and how the novel ingredients produced by Caviar Biotec effect these biomarkers.