The natural caviar (roe) from Acipenser is ununiform in appearance, and  has a natural seamless finish would be very hard to replicate in soft gel design.  

Most soft gel designs are based on twin die rollers and this results in a somewhat synthetic finish running the full circumference of the soft gel structure, and would not give the desired finish for a natural Pure Caviar Oil Pearl.

Caviar Biotec has developed a novel production for the Caviar Pearls. Through use of specialist encapsulation technology, the Pure Caviar Oil and the Gelatinous formula are stored in separate containers, kept warm and pumped through a concentric double capillary, with the Pure Caviar Oil contained within the inner capillary. 

The fill matrix is pumped in consistent pulses, at a volume of 300mg (this can be adjusted according to preference). The formation of the seamless capsule occurs due to the interfacial tension between the Pure Caviar Oil and the Gelatinous shell material, as the shell material possesses a higher surface tension. As the Gelatinous shell material attempts to reduce the surface tension of the Pure caviar Oil, a seamless droplet is formed. The end result is a seamless round soft gel capsules finish, becoming the beautiful ‘Caviar Pearl’. 

It should also be noted that Sturgeon nowadays are only reared in fresh running enclosed water bodies, and therefore adding to the level of Caviar purity, the Pure Caviar Oil Pearl does not contain any marine based heavy metals or micro-plastics that are found in the vast majority of marine fish oils today.

Lastly, there is a lack of ‘fishiness’ in the Caviar Pearl; and it is possible to chew instead of orally swallowing and therefore discard that soft gel. 

The Caviar Pearls have a rich smooth flavour as you would expect from caviar itself, rich in Oleic and Linoleic Acid, and including all three key Omega 3 fatty acids, ALA, EPA and DHA.

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