Caviar Biotec is a British biologics company specialising in process development and patented extraction recovery of unique peptides and bioactives that are only found within the ancient Acipenser species.

Acipenseriformes are living fossils the date back to over 300m years ago, and phylogenetically predate nearly all members of the animal kingdom. 

Acipenser oocyte (Sturgeon Caviar) has well known and peer reviewed health benefits, and are globally acknowledged for their beneficial health properties  in humans, within both nutraceutical and cosmeceutical applications.

Caviar Biotec has developed processing technologies that unlock novel ancient bio-actives naturally contained within Acipenser roe and placenta, both in lipophilic peptide form (Pure Caviar Oil) and in soluble/insoluble hydrolysis protein extract form. 

Caviar Biotec provides access to its patented biologics through exclusive licensed agreements.



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