At Caviar Biotec, we stand at the forefront of the cosmetics industry, redefining beauty and skincare through the power of caviar extract. Our commitment to innovation and ethical practices has led us to craft a unique trifecta of caviar extracts, setting new standards in cosmetic excellence.

Caviar Extract Unveiled: Nature’s Secret to Radiant Skin

Caviar extract, derived from sturgeon fish roe, holds the key to unlocking the secret of radiant, youthful skin. Its exceptional nutrient profile, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids, makes it a prized cosmetic ingredient. At Caviar Biotec, we have harnessed the potential of caviar extract in three distinctive forms:

1. Animal-Derived Caviar Extract: 

Our original line of caviar extracts is meticulously crafted from sturgeon placenta and roe. Utilizing patented production processes spanning over 52 countries, we offer a diverse range of products, including the exquisite 100% Pure Caviar Oil, as well as Soluble and Insoluble Caviar Protein extracts.

2. Biomimetic Caviar Extract: 

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices led us to develop individual biomimetic ‘Caviar Polypeptides’ and a ‘Caviar Protein Complex.’ These advanced formulations, often expressed in microorganisms like Pichia Pistorius, not only deliver exceptional results but also align with vegan and PETA-approved standards. Furthermore, they eliminate the need for CITES documentation in supply chain management, contributing to a more eco-conscious industry.

3. Cell-Cultured Caviar Extract: 

Our unwavering dedication to sustainability and animal welfare has driven the creation of our cell-cultured caviar extract. This innovation provides a guilt-free alternative for cosmetics formulations, ensuring the highest ethical and environmental standards are upheld.


Leading the Way in Cosmetic Excellence

Caviar Biotec is not just a cosmetics ingredients company; we are pioneers in redefining the future of skincare. 

We believe in beauty without compromise, and our caviar extracts embody our commitment to luxury, sustainability, and ethical practices.

Join us on a journey to discover the limitless formulation possibilities of caviar extract in cosmetics, and help us build a better and brighter, more beautiful future for Caviar.



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