Caviar Biotec is a British biologics company specialising in process development and patented extraction recovery of unique peptides and bioactives that are only found within the ancient Acipenser species.

Acipenseriformes are living fossils the date back to over 300m years ago, and phylogenetically predate nearly all members of the animal kingdom. 

Acipenser oocyte (Sturgeon Caviar) has well known and peer reviewed health benefits, and are globally acknowledged for their beneficial health properties  in humans, within both nutraceutical and cosmeceutical applications.

Caviar Biotec has developed processing technologies that unlock novel ancient bio-actives naturally contained within Acipenser roe and placenta, both in lipophilic peptide form (Pure Caviar Oil) and in soluble/insoluble hydrolysis protein extract form. 

Caviar Biotec provides access to its patented biologics through exclusive licensed agreements.



Gut flora,


Kenneth Benning

Kenneth has over 20 years experience within the global caviar trade and was at the forefront of founding the first ever British caviar farm, Exmoor Caviar. Previously he was CEO of the Financial Times’ Automotive Publishing Division as well founder of ePolitix.com (now Politics.co.uk). 

A chance encounter with the industry discarded  bi-product of caviar production, the lonely roe sack, coupled with a glass of wine at home in the kitchen, and the discovery of a golden oil caviar oil was born.

He is the driving force behind the Caviar Biotec project. 

Jemima Benning


Jemima had a strong background in the Sales & Marketing of high end luxury brands. The hard grind of a career in fashion marketing,  working for fashion houses such as Vivienne Westwood & Pringle of Scotland, Anya Hindmarch and Jimmy Choo, would have broken most. However the critical understanding of beautiful but simple design coupled with the sheer determination of taking a luxury product to market, she brings over 20 years understanding and experience of global luxury markets.  

After a brief career change and stint in the global shipping industry, she became immersed in the luxury food industry through her work at Exmoor Caviar & London Fine Foods Group.

Darren N. Nesbeth

Research Director

Darren N. Nesbeth is an Associate Professor of Synthetic Biology at University College London. Darren has 25 years experience in the application of synthetic biology to address industrial challenges in the fields of medicine and bioprocessing. He has a PhD in molecular cell biology from Imperial College, London, and his research spans industrial standardisation in synthetic biology and the scale up of gene therapy. In 2016 he edited and co-wrote the Synthetic Biology Handbook (CRC Press).

Patrick Koehorst

Technical Director

Patrick has been working in meat, fish and bi-product separation technologies for more than 25 years and is a successful pioneer in developing and implementing new production processes for leading international food manufacturing customers.

With many years experience in the production of oils and proteins from raw materials, Patrick brings with him unprecedented technical knowledge .

His hands-on experience and approach in the field of developing innovative processing technologies and recipes has been very helpful in realising our state-of-the-art production facility.

Michael Garrett, MBE

Director of Innovation

Mike’s career has spanned over 50 years with specialisations including the generation of deep low temperatures, superconductivity, river and harbour rescue from pollution spills, including the Thames, and advanced techniques for the separation of gases.  Further work involved anaesthesia, cryosurgery and imaging in oncology, as well as food transportation.

He has lectured at the Royal Institution and at worldwide conferences, and founded the Surrey Schools Helium Challenge in conjunction with the Charity SATRO.  

He became Director of Innovation for the BOC Group and received an MBE for services to Innovation.

Peter Clough

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Peter is an internationally recognised consultant with several decades of experience in the field of  speciality nutritional oils.

He has managed clinical trials, process and product development and quality assurance programmes for some of the leading companies in this area.

Peter works closely on our behalf with Mylnefield Lipid Analysis, the independent testing laboratory, to ensure the quality of Caviar Biotec oils.