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The allure of caviar extract in cosmetics and food supplements, with its luxury connotations and potential benefits, is well-established. 

Caviar Biotec is at the forefront of both cosmetic and nutraceutical ingredients, offering a diverse range of formulation ready caviar extracts, including animal-derived, biomimetic, and cell-cultured variants

Caviar Biotec remains committed to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the evolving needs of both the cosmetic and nutraceutical industry.

Caviar Protein Extracts - (click for report)

Truly exceptional ingredients are not just patented; they are the result of extensive research and development efforts, that in this case have been ongoing since 2017. 

Dedicated research has led to a full understanding of the remarkable bioactive properties inherent in caviar protein extracts.

Insoluble/Soluble Protein Caviar Extracts: These extracts offer a versatile range of applications, harnessing the innate power of caviar proteins, available in both raw format and formulation ready. 

Caviar Water (derived from placenta): An innovative product derived from caviar placenta, representing a leap forward in skincare science. Distilled water containing 10% soluble caviar.


Near odourless low viscosity caviar oil, high in both bioactivity and bioavailability, rich in Omega 3,6 & 9 and key bio-active enzymes

Globally patented production (2036) with food grade status, extracted as ‘Virgin’ cold extraction (achieving maximum bio-actives recovery), or secondary heated enzymatic hydrolysis and three stage separation and refined to cosmetic grade.

Produced under EU under food grade safety level management systems and controlled HACCP, ensuring consistent and continuous quality Pure Caviar Oil.

Multiple functional uses within nutraceutical and cosmeceutical applications. 

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Recombinant Expressed Novel Caviar Peptides: At the forefront of innovation, we’ve embarked on a path of engineering enzymes and peptides with unprecedented properties, establishing new benchmarks within the industry.

Cell-Cultured Caviar for cosmetics: The Future of Ethical Beauty ? In our relentless pursuit of ethical and sustainable practices, we introduce a ground-breaking addition to our portfolio – cell-cultured caviar extract. This innovation embodies our commitment to animal welfare and environmental sustainability, presenting a guilt-free alternative for cosmetics formulations. The cell-cultured caviar extract not only meets the high standards of efficacy but also aligns with our vision of a responsible and forward-thinking beauty industry.